Gold Dust

Come home and sift through my ashes. Weep tears that my breath couldn’t bring out of you. Start off groaning, and keep going. Come home Advertisements

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In Memorandum

I was going to name you Harry, the Kitten Who Lived. Plus you had that small orange fleck on your forehead – it was particularly synchronistic. Instead, I only got to name you Harry. Tiny, precious, little Harry; the kitten who lived for a day.

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Some nights I just want to keep driving I can see the lights out there I want to know if they are stars, or cities I want to know how many I can reach Before I run out of gas, or hope I want to know there is more to come home to Than the […]

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Love letters

I found all the old letters I wrote for you and never sent There was, and remains, So much to say And I know that there are still lines that haven’t left my heart Not for paper, or ear; for fear of rejection Has kept them sequestered These old letters, that I never delivered, Remain […]

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I jumped the nest today. On the way down, I found all that previously held me, tightly and safely, surrounding my fall. I saw the branches of trees wrapped in bark; the way they used to wrap around me… I reminisced in the blurry greenery, breathed in the pine balm and swiftly fell I jumped […]

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