Classes and Workshop FAQ

All classes and workshops are guided by a few agreements, policies, and ground rules. See below for basic information.


  1. Bring your curiosity,  a pen and paper.
  2. Scent-free preference. Please refrain from using scented lotions, essential oils, or perfumes prior to or during our time together
  3. Classes will begin on time. Participants are welcome to join as they arrive, but start times will not be delayed.
  4. Sometimes transformation is subtle, sometimes it is radical. Emotional discomfort may occur but we strive to maintain emotional safety.
    • Name calling, jumping to conclusions, bullying, or letting a truth completely eclipse the truth of others are all harmful. We will do our best to avoid these actions.
    • Focus on self transformation, not the swaying or recruiting of others to a personal perspective.
    • We commit to holding each other in high regard


  1. No registration is complete until payment is submitted
  2. If the class is cancelled, full refunds will be provided
  3. If the participant has submitted payment but cannot attend, the following refund schedules apply:
    • Participant gave 1 month (30 days) notice = participant will receive a full refund
    • Participant gave 15+ days notice = participant will receive a half refund
    • Participant gave less than 14 days or less notice = no refund will be issued


Please share all post-class comments and critiques directly with the facilitator through written means. By directly notifying the facilitator first (through the email below), you provide the swiftest ability for change to be made. This ensures your concerns or appreciations can be referred back to, and that future facilitation will benefit from your generous feedback.

All questions can be forwarded to