Some nights I just want to keep driving
I can see the lights out there
I want to know if they are stars, or cities
I want to know how many I can reach
Before I run out of gas, or hope
I want to know there is more to come home to
Than the same old door that never closes
Tight because the deadbolt died a long time ago
And nothing inside my four walls is worth protecting badly enough
To get a new lock; my life – not exactly replaceable, more like forgettable
Especially in the face of yearning for more
Just leave it all behind
Just leave it all behind
Just leave it all behind and drive
into the morning, crossing the borders of my routine
Into the countries of my daydreams, filled with
Faces I don’t think will be all that friendly but
They will be new, they will be on streets unknown to me
Every little light, walking around – letting it shine, letting it shine, letting it shine
What about the light of mine?
It moved on a long time ago,
Walked out, through the door that never locks right
Figuring that if I wanted my radiance enough
That I would have fixed that damn deadbolt years ago
But I didn’t.
And I can’t call it back , no matter how loud I yell
My lungs simply can’t ignite the fire
That should be shining off my skin
All that’s left of me is this little fight of mine
Where I talk myself down off the ledge of the gas pedal,
To pull into the drive way and not drive off into the sunset
In hopes of igniting,
and shining bright
one last time.


11 thoughts on “Driven

  1. Beautiful. That feeling to flee from life’s turbulations and go somewhere new keeps bubbling under my skin on a regular basis. I loved the imagery and execution of the concept! Cheers! 🙂

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