Love letters

I found all the old letters
I wrote for you and never sent
There was, and remains,
So much to say
And I know that there are still lines that haven’t left my heart
Not for paper, or ear; for fear of rejection
Has kept them sequestered
These old letters, that I never delivered,
Remain potent, their messages still current
Years later.
And Today, like back then, I am convinced that
My confessions are better left a secret
To not detract from your current trajectory
Or weigh you down in what
Could have been, and what I wanted
But could not say.
Still cannot say.
This poem lives only for those
Who are not you, but who
Are maybe like me, and have
Old unsent love letters, and diary entries
That probably should have been shared
But were not. And won’t be.
We, whose old lovers and muses have moved on
And left us with
With pages of memories,
We sift through fragments of prospects
to assemble futures where loving hurts less


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