I tell you my temple is the sea

You tell me your temple is my body

I say everything we worship will fail us

and you agree and gently touch me

I begin flooding

and we begin colliding

in a salty, wet, tsunami

ravaging the shores of our selves

dragging us out past the breakers of our sanity

into ecstasy

bound together, our fates floating along

drifting on hope, and trust, and fear and anxiety, and memories, and splinters of a fantasy

once buoyed by possibility

yet ever vulnerable to the currents of uncertainty

sweeping past our embraced psyches

emanating from our still burning bodies

that smolder even in the void of the cosmic, and in the depths of the ocean

from a love that stretches across galaxies

no matter how divine or intertwined, or subjective, or separated

we remain confined to this life

Deities in disguise,

who recognize the sacred in one another

boldly we throw back the linens, cloaks, hoodies, and curtains

that shield us from everyone else

so as not to miss the chance to give

hugs and kisses to our beloved

that maybe would have been burned at the stake

if the wrong person saw

or maybe would be sacrificed for political aims

if the people with the power came around the corner

we are like the dead sea scrolls, scolding

all that denies the truth of our existence

not for others, but for each other

lover of mine

my temple is yours to worship

and I am yours to enter

and I am here to shelter you

from all of the pain, if only for a few moments

like a prayer


you will be received

and anointed

in me


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