Casting a Circle – Setting Sacred Space


The following is a casting that I created. In the tradition that I follow, casting a circle is a separate act from calling the directions. I personally have really liked this format. Setting the sacred space, like a sacred container, helps tether all to the magick-potential that lays before them.

I haven’t heard many people differentiate casting and calling. For me, casting has two purposes.

  1. Casting acts like sending an invitation: sounding the bells, or lighting the signals. Its a call to the elements and divine that their collaboration is sought.
  2. Casting’s purpose is to literally create sacred space. Casting marks an energetic, and sometimes physically designated, area. Casting creates a threshold for for which our physical beings can enter, and that gives way for the elements, deities, ancestors, and guides to join.

Casting creates an identifiable time-space for all to gather.

How I cast:

Starting in the East, each line corresponds with a direction, ending in the center. Facing the element, one may “draw” a circle connecting all the elements. I chose to mark each direction by “drawing” a pentacle and then connecting them all together.

Anchor & Star Casting: 

We cast this circle and begin on a breath;    (East/air)

The light and the fire of life come next;   (South/fire)

We honor deep emotions that ebb and that flow;   (West/water)

The earth shows us how we must cycle to grow;   (North/earth)

We turn on a crest, and spiral in – remember the center where life begins.  (Center/spirit)

Starry night sky, churning molten core; as above – so below. (Center/mystery/universe)

The circle is now cast. We are between the worlds. And what happens between the worlds changes all the worlds. 

The Re-Verse : to open the circle

As above – so below; by the starry night sky and by the churning molten core.

The divine we carry within our hearts, now we turn on a crest, and spiral out.

Thanks to earth and the cycles of growth;

We offer up water’s new emotions for flow;

Gratitude to fire and the passion spark’s zest;

We return to the dawn and end on a breath.

The circle is now open, but unbroken. May the love of the goddess be ever in our hearts. For merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. 

note: words in italics are common language, not of my own creation.

Perhaps you have some thoughts or comments? Care to share your favorite methods? Discussion and exchange are welcome.


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