The Fool


I’m comin’ up.

I don’t think you know it

but I’ve been laying low


in places that felt solid


once the rains fell hard

I found myself


in the sinking feeling –

I am not where I belong.

Crawling for so long

made me think

I covered distance

it was only baby steps though.


here I come.

The ground here is high


where you used to be

back when you were


to me.

Back when we were down

low down

and dirty

seems that once

I had to climb above

I could.

Now I stand tall,

comin’ up

on all I have left behind

standing strong

to face the place


my perspective had to change.


has set me free

Again I step into the mud

but I am not sinking.

I am solidly grounded

inside of me.


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