Make Memories of Remembering

Get out your photos. Get out the photos and display them. Call up your Aunt that you haven’t talked to in a year because that is how things are these days. Call her up. Ask her. Ask her about that elephant, the secret, the pain. “Aunty, what was the name of your father? And why […]

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Ancestors in My Arms

The ancestors visited today. There is a slow magic, a magic that one must honor by stepping out from the center of concern to see widely the matrix of ritual that surrounds us. I was blessed by this slow magic today. My most personal writing focuses on my family. Extended and close, dysfunctional and weary. […]

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Not Bad Like It Once Was

There was a time when I was panic. Overly cautious, ever anticipating. No plans were made without severe controls in place. No changing of plans, no spontaneity, no tight places. Just white-knuckle, eye-darting hypervigilance all the time. But years have passed. Today I drove my car through the car wash and remembered how terrifying it had […]

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Gold Dust

Come home and sift through my ashes. Weep tears that my breath couldn’t bring out of you. Start off groaning, and keep going. Come home

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In Memorandum

I was going to name you Harry, the Kitten Who Lived. Plus you had that small orange fleck on your forehead – it was particularly synchronistic. Instead, I only got to name you Harry. Tiny, precious, little Harry; the kitten who lived for a day.

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